The company was founded in June, 1975, registered in the Commercial Committee of the State of Minas Gerais (Brazil), under the no. 354.424, with the objective of general railroad transportation, particularly metallurgical products and minerals; storage and deposit of minerals, metallurgical and industrialized products in general, trade of tires, automotive supplies and accessories.

Montemar Transportes e Comércio Ltda. is a company that has operated terminals for more than 20 years, having its own offices in Belo Horizonte/MG, Ouro Preto/MG and Divinópolis/MG, with trained personnel to execute the services and to give technical support to solve problems.

In addition to the services above mentioned, the company operates services related to landscaping and transportation of basic material for paving, offering conditions and compatible prices in the market, since it has its own fleet and equipment's for these services.

Our company in 1982:

Our company now:

Images above the "Funil" Terminal

MONTEMAR Transportes e Comércio Ltda. Rua Desembargador Reis Alves, nos. 950 e 960 - Bairro das Indústrias - 30.610-270 BH MG Fone: +55(31) 33831255  Fax: +55(31) 33831368